1. Also frontal. a decorative band, ribbon, or the like, worn across the forehead: The princess wore a richly bejeweled frontlet.
  2. the forehead of an animal.
  3. Ornithology. the forehead when marked by a different color or texture of the plumage.
  4. Judaism. the phylactery worn on the forehead.


  1. Also called: frontal a small decorative loop worn on a woman’s forehead, projecting from under her headdress, in the 15th century
  2. the forehead of an animal, esp of a bird when it is a different colour from the rest of the head
  3. the decorated border of an altar frontal
  4. Judaism a phylactery worn on the foreheadSee also tefillah

from Old French frontelet, diminutive of frontel (Modern French fronteau) “forehead, front of a helmet, hairband,” from Late Latin frontale “an ornament for the forehead,” from frons (see front (n.)).

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