verb (used without object), gabbed, gab·bing.

  1. to talk or chat idly; chatter.


  1. idle talk; chatter.

noun Machinery.

  1. a hook or fork that engages temporarily with a moving rod or lever.

noun Scot. Slang.

  1. gob3.

verb gabs, gabbing or gabbed

  1. (intr) to talk excessively or idly, esp about trivial matters; gossip; chatter


  1. idle or trivial talk
  2. gift of the gab ability to speak effortlessly, glibly, or persuasively


  1. a hook or open notch in a rod or lever that drops over the spindle of a valve to form a temporary connection for operating the valve
  2. a pointed tool used in masonry

abbreviation for

  1. Gabon (international car registration)

“to reproach,” c.1200, via Scottish and northern England dialect, from a Scandinavian source, e.g. Old Norse gabba “to mock,” or from Old French gabber “mock, boast,” both perhaps ultimately imitative. Related: Gabbed; gabbing. Meaning “to talk much” is from 1786, probably a back-formation from gabble.


early 14c., “mockery,” from Old French gab, from gaber (see gab (v.)); meaning “idle talk” is from 1737. Gift of the gab “talent for speaking” is from 1680s.

see gift of gab.

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