glyceryl [glis-er-il] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. containing the glyceryl group.

Origin of glyceryl First recorded in 1835–45; glycer(in) + -yl Examples from the Web for glyceryl Historical Examples of glyceryl

  • Stearine, a constituent of tallow, is a compound of glyceryl and stearic acid.

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  • British Dictionary definitions for glyceryl glyceryl noun

    1. (modifier) derived from glycerol by replacing or removing one or more of its hydroxyl groupsa glyceryl group or radical

    glyceryl in Medicine glyceryl [glĭs′ər-əl] n.

    1. A trivalent radical obtained from glycerol by the removal of hydroxyl groups.

    glyceryl in Science glyceryl [glĭs′ər-əl]

    1. The radical CH2CH(OH)CH2OH, obtained from glycerol by removing one hydroxyl (OH) group.
    2. The radical CH2CHCH2, obtained from glycerol by removing all three hydroxyl (OH) groups. This radical is a component of many natural oils and fats.

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