gnocchi [nok-ee, noh-kee; Italian nyawk-kee] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for gnocchi on noun (used with a singular or plural verb) Italian Cookery.

  1. a dish of little dumplings made from potatoes, semolina, flour, or a combination of these ingredients.

Origin of gnocchi 1890–95; Italian, plural of gnocco, orig. Upper Italian (Veneto), perhaps cognate with Tuscan nocca, nocco knuckle Langobardic *knohha joint; see knuckle Related Words for gnocchi tortellini, ravioli, macaroni, spaghetti, linguine, gnocchi, fettuccini, rigatoni, shells, vermicelli, ziti, lasagna, manicotti, orzo Examples from the Web for gnocchi Historical Examples of gnocchi

  • And we are going to have gnocchi done in a special way with cheese.

    December Love

    Robert Hichens

  • The gnocchi and the olives must certainly have disagreed with me.

    Post-Prandial Philosophy

    Grant Allen

  • Pasticcio di Maccheroni is an excellent macaroni pie, and Gnocchi di Patele are little knobs of paste boiled like macaroni.

    The Gourmet’s Guide to Europe

    Algernon Bastard

  • Then drop the gnocchi one by one into boiling salted water and boil for ten minutes.

    The Cook’s Decameron: A Study in Taste:

    Mrs. W. G. Waters

  • British Dictionary definitions for gnocchi gnocchi pl n

    1. dumplings made of pieces of semolina pasta, or sometimes potato, used to garnish soup or served alone with sauce

    Word Origin for gnocchi Italian, plural of gnocco lump, probably of Germanic origin; compare Middle High German knoche bone Word Origin and History for gnocchi n.

    1891, from Italian gnocchi, plural of gnocco, from nocchio “a knot in wood,” perhaps from a Germanic source akin to knuckle. So called for their shape.

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