go back

go back

go back verb (intr, adverb)

  1. to return
  2. (often foll by to) to originate (in)the links with France go back to the Norman Conquest
  3. (foll by on) to change one’s mind about; repudiate (esp in the phrase go back on one’s word)
  4. (of clocks and watches) to be set to an earlier time, as during British Summer Timewhen do the clocks go back this year?

Related Words for go back renege, abandon, betray, change, desert, forsake, repudiate, retract, return, revert Idioms and Phrases with go back go back 1

Return, retrace one’s steps; also, return to a former condition. For example, I’m going back to the haunts of my youth, or We want to go back to the old way of doing things. [First half of 1500s]


Extend backward in space or time, as in Our land goes back to the stone wall, or The family name goes back to Norman times. [Second half of 1600s] Also see go back on.

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