gobang [goh-bahng] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a Japanese game played on a go board with players alternating and attempting to be first to place five counters in a row.

Also go·ban [goh-bahn] /goʊˈbɑn/. Origin of gobang 1885–90; Japanese, equivalent to go go2 + ban board (Also called go-moku. Examples from the Web for goban Historical Examples of goban

  • He has realized your ideas of a nineteenth century Goban Saor.

    My New Curate

    P.A. Sheehan

  • So when the Goban went there he coaxed one of the women the same as if he was not married.

    The Kiltartan History Book

    Lady I. A. Gregory

  • For that is what the Goban meant, but it took the daughter-in-law to understand it.

    The Kiltartan History Book

    Lady I. A. Gregory

  • And the Goban said ‘How can that be when I put a stone in and a stone out and a stone across.’

    The Kiltartan History Book

    Lady I. A. Gregory

  • The anachronism committed in the instance of the Goban Saer was precisely of the same character!

    The Round Towers of Ireland

    Henry O’Brien

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