Goethals [goh-thuh lz] Examples noun

  1. George Washington,1858–1928, U.S. major general and engineer: chief engineer of the Panama Canal 1907–14; governor of the Canal Zone 1914–16.

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  • A token, in admiration of your skill, from Goethals the younger: Mr. McElroy!

    Sunlight Patch

    Credo Fitch Harris

  • And then there is the Goethals way of managing a labor camp.

    They Who Knock at Our Gates

    Mary Antin

  • Perhaps no such statue of Goethals ever will stand at Panama, but there is no need.

    The Panama Canal

    Frederic Jennings Haskin

  • Never once while he was in Panama did Colonel Goethals appear in uniform.

    Modern Americans

    Chester Sanford

  • They had expected to make Colonel Goethals do what they wanted.

    Modern Americans

    Chester Sanford

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