goi [goi] Examples noun, plural goy·im, gois.

  1. goy.

goy or goi [goi] noun, plural goy·im [goi-im] /ˈgɔɪ ɪm/, goys. Usually Disparaging.

  1. a term used by a Jew to refer to someone who is not Jewish.
  2. a term used by an observant Jew to refer to a Jew who is not religious or is ignorant of Judaism.

Origin of goy 1835–45; Yiddish Hebrew goi nation, non-Jew, Jew ignorant of the Jewish religionRelated formsgoy·ish, adjectiveUsage note Use of this term usually implies a contempt for non-Jews as being different from or even inferior to Jews: Only a goy would use such faulty logic. goy is rarely used in a neutral, descriptive way as a synonym for gentile , though that is its meaning in Yiddish and Hebrew. In another usually disparaging usage, goy is applied to a Jew who is not observant. Examples from the Web for goi Contemporary Examples of goi

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  • Historical Examples of goi

  • A day or two now, and one of us may goI care not which it be, for the other will not be long in tarrying.

    Within the Capes

    Howard Pyle

  • Im glad you told me; I must goI must go back at once and see for myself.

    The Wayfarers

    Mary Stewart Cutting

  • “I was goin’t’ ask you—her—what to do about—about something,” she said, falteringly.

    Pray You, Sir, Whose Daughter?

    Helen H. Gardener

  • Goi′tred, Goi′tered, affected with goitre; Goi′trous, pertaining to goitre.

    Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 2 of 4: E-M)


  • I was goin’t thru the woods one day, and come up sudden in a clear patch of ground.

    Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States

    Work Projects Administration

  • British Dictionary definitions for goi goy noun plural goyim (ˈɡɔɪɪm) or goys

    1. a Jewish word for a gentile

    Derived Formsgoyish, adjectiveWord Origin for goy from Yiddish, from Hebrew goi people Word Origin and History for goi goy n.

    “gentile, non-Jew” (plural goyim), 1835, from Hebrew goy “people, nation;” in Mishnaic and Modern Hebrew, also “gentile.”

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