gold-plate [gohld-pleyt] Examples verb (used with object), gold-plat·ed, gold-plat·ing.

  1. to coat (base metal) with gold, especially by electroplating.
  2. to incorporate costly features or refinements into (something) unnecessarily: The engineers were accused of gold-plating the construction project.

gold plate noun

  1. tableware or containers made of gold.
  2. a plating, especially electroplating, of gold.

Examples from the Web for gold-plate Historical Examples of gold-plate

  • “And his gold-plate,” continued Merrihew, pleased with the idea.

    The Lure of the Mask

    Harold MacGrath

  • Just think of this gold-plate fact: no one knows anything about it.

    The Art of Disappearing

    John Talbot Smith

  • And the work and sweat Dan had gone through to get that permit, to buy it beg it, steal it, gold-plate it.


    Alan Edward Nourse

  • British Dictionary definitions for gold-plate gold-plate verb

    1. (tr) to coat (other metal) with gold, usually by electroplating

    gold plate noun

    1. a thin coating of gold, usually produced by electroplating
    2. vessels or utensils made of gold

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