Golgotha [gol-guh-thuh] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified; Calvary.
  2. a place of suffering or sacrifice.
  3. a place of burial.

Also gol·go·tha (for defs 2, 3). Origin of Golgotha 1585–95; Latin (Vulgate) Greek golgothá Aramaic gulgaltā, akin to Hebrew gulgōleth skull Related Words for golgotha tomb, garden, graveyard, mortuary, ossuary, crypt, sepulcher, catacomb, necropolis, vault, grave, Golgotha, churchyard, charnel, cemetery Examples from the Web for golgotha Contemporary Examples of golgotha

  • Is their God the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and is their Savior the Savior who hung on the cross at Golgotha?

    Alex Haley’s 1965 Playboy Interview with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Alex Haley

    January 19, 2014

  • Historical Examples of golgotha

  • At a little distance I drew rein and looked back at Golgotha.

    The Centurion’s Story

    David James Burrell

  • It was the only deed of kindness I noted on Golgotha that day.

    The Centurion’s Story

    David James Burrell

  • He experienced that which surrounds the Mystery of Golgotha in the higher world.

    Christianity As A Mystical Fact

    Rudolf Steiner

  • Wherever a great mind utters its thoughts,—there is Golgotha.

    Pearls of Thought

    Maturin M. Ballou

  • Each hamlet has its Golgotha, where worn-out animals are left to die.

    Beast and Man in India

    John Lockwood Kipling

  • British Dictionary definitions for golgotha Golgotha noun

    1. another name for Calvary
    2. (sometimes not capital) rare a place of burial

    Word Origin for Golgotha C17: from Late Latin, from Greek, from Aramaic, based on Hebrew gulgōleth skull Word Origin and History for golgotha Golgotha

    hill near Jerusalem, via Latin and Greek, from Aramaic gulgulta, literally “(place of the) skull,” cognate with Hebrew gulgoleth “skull.” So called in reference to its shape (see Calvary).

    golgotha in Culture Golgotha [(gol-guh-thuh, gol-goth-uh)]

    The ancient name for Calvary.

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