gombeen [gom-been] ExamplesWord Origin noun Irish English.

  1. usury.

Origin of gombeen 1860–65; Irish gaimbín interest, especially exorbitant interest, literally, bit, small piece, diminutive of gamba lump, hunk Examples from the Web for gombeen Historical Examples of gombeen

  • There are no “Gombeen men” here, he says, and no usurious shopkeepers.

    Ireland Under Coercion (2nd ed.) (2 of 2) (1888)

    William Henry Hurlbert

  • They vary in wealth and position from the humblest ‘gombeen man’ to the millionaire banker.

    Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official

    William Sleeman

  • The “Gombeen” man is alike trader, publican, and money-lender, and he is the backbone of official Nationalist influence.

    Against Home Rule (1912)


  • Gombeen man; a usurer who lends money to small farmers and others of like means, at ruinous interest.

    English As We Speak It in Ireland

    P. W. Joyce

  • At Burtonport we found the “Gombeen man,” of Dungloe, represented by a very large “store.”

    Ireland Under Coercion (2nd ed.) (1 of 2) (1888)

    William Henry Hurlbert

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