gomuti [guh-moo-tee] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural go·mu·tis.

  1. Also called gomuti palm, sugar palm. a sago palm, Arenga pinnata, of the East Indies, yielding palm sugar.
  2. a black, horsehairlike fiber obtained from this palm, used for making cords, ropes, cables, etc.

Origin of gomuti 1805–15; probably dialectal Malay (Moluccas) gomuti the stem fibers of the palm; compare Malay gəmuti (spelling gemuti) Examples from the Web for gomuti Historical Examples of gomuti

  • The Gomuti tinder of the Eastern Archipelago is the hair of a palm.

    The Art of Travel

    Francis Galton

  • British Dictionary definitions for gomuti gomuti gomuti palm noun plural gomutis or gomuti palms

    1. an East Indian feather palm, Arenga pinnata, whose sweet sap is a source of sugar
    2. a black wiry fibre obtained from the leafstalks of this plant, used for making rope, etc
    3. a Malaysian sago palm, Metroxylon sagu

    Word Origin for gomuti from Malay gĕmuti

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