Gondomar [gawn-daw-mahr] Examples noun

  1. Die·go Sar·mien·to de A·cu·ña [dye-gaw sahr-myen-taw th e ah-koo-nyah] /ˈdyɛ gɔ sɑrˈmyɛn tɔ ðɛ ɑˈku nyɑ/, Count of,1567–1626, Spanish diplomat.

Examples from the Web for gondomar Historical Examples of gondomar

  • The arrival of the ‘Destiny,’ however, seems to have clinched Gondomar’s arguments.


    Edmund Gosse

  • He was permitted to sail, but the king informed Gondomar of the matter.

    A History of England

    Charles Oman

  • Gondomar placed all the forces at his disposal under his command.

    Annals of a Fortress

    E. Viollet-le-Duc

  • Gondomar, the Spanish Ambassador, complained of it as insulting to his master.

    East Anglia

    J. Ewing Ritchie

  • Why was Gondomar the Spanish ambassador held in such esteem?

    Great Ralegh

    Hugh De Selincourt

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