Goodhue [goo d-hyoo] Examples noun

  1. Bertram Gros·ve·nor [grohv-ner, groh-vuh-] /ˈgroʊv nər, ˈgroʊ və-/, 1869–1924, U.S. architect.

Examples from the Web for goodhue Historical Examples of goodhue

  • Goodhue is engaged to Miss Clarkson, the sister to the pretty one.

    Washington Irving

    Charles Dudley Warner

  • Goodhue acknowledged that his opinions had changed since that.

    Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson

  • He went down clinging to Goodhue, buried under a mass of his own tacklers.

    The Varmint

    Owen Johnson

  • In 1866 he was appointed superintendent of schools for Goodhue county.

    Fifty Years In The Northwest

    William Henry Carman Folsom

  • Goodhue’s voice was uneasy in spite of the laugh with which he coloured it.

    The Guarded Heights

    Wadsworth Camp

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