Goodrich [goo d-rich] Examples noun

  1. Samuel Gris·wold [griz-wuh ld, -wohld, -wawld] /ˈgrɪz wəld, -woʊld, -wɔld/, Peter Parley, 1793–1860, U.S. author and publisher.

Examples from the Web for goodrich Contemporary Examples of goodrich

  • Airbuses have pitot tubes made by two companies—by the U.S. company Goodrich, and by the European company Thales.

    The 800 Dangerous Airbus Planes in the Sky

    Clive Irving

    March 14, 2010

  • Historical Examples of goodrich

  • He urged Goodrich to hurry to the bank and get the bail-money.

    When the West Was Young

    Frederick R. Bechdolt

  • Mrs. Goodrich and Mrs. Sargent were made honorary presidents.

    The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV


  • At the end of two hours, I won them by the spectacle of the arriving Goodrich.

    The Plum Tree

    David Graham Phillips

  • I don’t recall a single name that isn’t obviously a Goodrich suggestion.

    The Plum Tree

    David Graham Phillips

  • “Then I must be especially courteous to Goodrich,” he said, after thinking intently.

    The Plum Tree

    David Graham Phillips

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