grand prix

noun, plural Grand Prix, Grands Prix, Grand Prixes [all pronounced French grahn preez] /all pronounced French grɑ̃ ˈpriz/.

  1. (sometimes lowercase) any of various major automobile races over a long, arduous course, especially an international car race held each year over the same course.


    1. any of a series of formula motor races held to determine the annual Drivers’ World Championship
    2. (as modifier)a Grand Prix car
  1. horse racing a race for three-year-old horses run at Maisons Lafitte near Paris
  2. a very important competitive event in various other sports, such as athletics, snooker, or powerboating

1863, French, literally “great prize,” originally in English in reference to the Grand Prix de Paris, international horse race for three-year-olds, run every June at Longchamps beginning in 1863.

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