1. a small shell containing an explosive and thrown by hand or fired from a rifle or launching device.
  2. a similar missile containing a chemical, as for dispersing tear gas or fire-extinguishing substances.

verb (used with object), gre·nad·ed, gre·nad·ing.

  1. to attack with a grenade or grenades.


  1. a small container filled with explosive thrown by hand or fired from a rifle
  2. a sealed glass vessel that is thrown and shatters to release chemicals, such as tear gas or a fire extinguishing agent

“small explosive shell,” 1590s, earlier “pomegranate” (1520s), from Middle French grenade “pomegranate” (16c.), earlier grenate (12c.), from Old French pomegrenate (influenced by Spanish granada); so called because the many-seeded fruit suggested the powder-filled, fragmenting bomb, or from similarities of shape. See pomegranate.

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