1. a small, triangular piece of material inserted into a shirt, shoe, etc., to improve the fit or for reinforcement.Compare godet(def 1), gore3(def 1).
  2. Civil Engineering. a plate for uniting structural members at a joint, as in a steel frame or truss.
  3. Armor.
    1. Also called area of mail backed with cloth, for defending the armpits or areas at joints.
    2. a small piece of plate armor at the armhole of a cuirass; pallet.


  1. an inset piece of material used esp to strengthen or enlarge a garment
  2. a triangular metal plate for strengthening a corner joist between two structural members
  3. a piece of mail fitted between armour plates or into the leather or cloth underclothes worn with armour, to give added protection


  1. (tr) to put a gusset in (a garment)

early 14c., from Old French gosset “armpit; piece of armor for the armpit” (13c.), apparently from gousse “shell of a nut,” of unknown origin. Originally an armorer’s term; of clothing from 1560s.

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