1. A(lfred) B(ertram), Jr.,1901–91, U.S. novelist.
  2. Sir (William) Tyrone,1900–71, English stage director and producer.
  3. Woodrow WilsonWoody, 1912–67, U.S. folk singer.
  4. a city in central Oklahoma: the former state capital.
  5. a male given name.


  1. Samuel. 1782–1848, US chemist: invented percussion priming powder and a punch lock for exploding it, and discovered chloroform (1831)
  2. Sir (William) Tyrone . 1900–71, English theatrical director
  3. Woody, full name Woodrow Wilson Guthrie. 1912–67, US folk singer and songwriter. His songs include “So Long, it’s been Good to Know you” (1940) and “This Land is your Land” (1944)

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