1. (used to call or answer someone, or to incite dogs in hunting.)

noun, plural hal·los.

  1. the cry “hallo!”
  2. a shout of exultation.

verb (used without object), hal·loed, hal·lo·ing.

  1. to call with a loud voice; shout; cry, as after hunting dogs.

verb (used with object), hal·loed, hal·lo·ing.

  1. to incite or chase (something) with shouts and cries of “hallo!”
  2. to cry “hallo” to (someone).
  3. to shout (something).

sentence substitute, noun

  1. a variant spelling of hello

sentence substitute, noun, verb

  1. a variant spelling of halloo

shout to call attention, 1781, earlier hollo, holla (see hello). Halow as a shipman’s cry to incite effort is from mid-15c.; Halloo as a verb, “to pursue with shouts, to shout in the chase,” from late 14c. Cf. also harou, cry of distress, late 13c., from French.

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