1. a person or thing that handles.
  2. Boxing. a person who assists in the training of a fighter or is the fighter’s second during a fight.
  3. a person who exhibits a dog in a bench show or field trial.


  1. a person, esp a police officer, in charge of a specially trained dog
  2. a person who handles some specified thinga baggage handler
  3. a person who holds or incites a dog, gamecock, etc, esp in a race or contest
  4. the trainer or second of a boxer


  1. Daniel . born 1970, US writer for older children, best known for the macabre humour of his A Series of Unfortunate Events, a sequence of books written in the persona of Lemony Snicket

late 14c., “one who handles” anything, agent noun from handle (v.). Specific sense of “one engaged in trade” is from 1690s; that of “prizefighter’s assistant” (1916) was earlier used in reference to dogfights and cockfights (1825).

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