noun, plural haus·to·ri·a [haw-stawr-ee-uh, -stohr-] /hɔˈstɔr i ə, -ˈstoʊr-/.

  1. a projection from the hypha of a fungus into the organic matter from which it absorbs nutrients.
  2. the penetrating feeding organ of certain parasites.

noun plural -ria (-rɪə)

  1. the organ of a parasitic plant that penetrates the host tissues and absorbs food and water from them

Plural haustoria

  1. A specialized absorbing structure of a parasitic fungus or plant, such as the rootlike outgrowth of the dodder, that obtains food from a host plant. In parasitic fungi, haustoria are specialized hyphae that penetrate the cells of other organisms and absorb nutrients directly from them.

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