henry i


  1. Henry the Fowler, a.d. 876?–936, king of Germany 919–936: first of the Saxon kings.
  2. Beauclerc, 1068–1135, king of England 1100–35 (son of William the Conqueror).
  3. 1008–60, king of France 1031–60.


  1. known as Henry the Fowler. ?876–936 ad, duke of Saxony (912–36) and king of Germany (919–36): founder of the Saxon dynasty (918–1024)
  2. 1068–1135, king of England (1100–35) and duke of Normandy (1106–35); son of William the Conqueror: crowned in the absence of his elder brother, Robert II, duke of Normandy; conquered Normandy (1106)

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