herbert hoover


  1. Herbert (Clark),1874–1964, 31st president of the U.S. 1929–33.
  2. J(ohn) Edgar,1895–1972, U.S. government official: director of the FBI 1924–72.
  3. Lou Henry,1874–1944, U.S. First Lady 1929–33 (wife of Herbert Hoover).
  4. a town in N central Alabama.


  1. trademark a type of vacuum cleaner

verb (usually not capital)

  1. to vacuum-clean (a carpet, furniture, etc)
  2. (tr often foll by up) to consume or dispose of (something) quickly and completelyhe hoovered up his grilled fish


  1. Herbert (Clark). 1874–1964, US statesman; 31st president of the US (1929–33). He organized relief for Europe during and after World War I, but as president he lost favour after his failure to alleviate the effects of the Depression
  2. J (ohn) Edgar. 1895–1972, US lawyer: director of the FBI (1924–72). He used new scientific methods to combat crime, including the first fingerprint file

proprietary name for a make of vacuum cleaner (patented 1927); sometimes used generally for “vacuum cleaner.” As a verb, meaning “to vacuum,” from 1926, in the company’s advertising.

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