h’m or hmm [hmm] Examples interjection

  1. (used typically to express thoughtful absorption, hesitation, doubt, or perplexity.)

Examples from the Web for hmm Contemporary Examples of hmm

  • Hmm, who are these people standing in front of the machines at the gym, neither occupying them nor not occupying them?

    How to Survive the New Year ‘Gympocalypse’

    Tim Teeman

    January 6, 2015

  • Hmm, I can think of one self-respecting sister who would hide.

    Lifetime’s ‘Girlfriend Intervention’: The Fairy Black Mothers TV Doesn’t Need

    Phoebe Robinson

    September 25, 2014

  • To which one would say: Hmm, the homeless man with perfect organs would have had to have been over 500 years old.

    Atheist King Richard Dawkins’ Rape Fantasy

    Tim Teeman

    July 31, 2014

  • She pulls and pinches at the fabric and says, “Hmm,” which is hard to interpret.

    Jacob Tomsky Wears Mantyhose (Men’s Pantyhose) for a Week

    Jacob Tomsky

    February 19, 2013

  • Hmm, I wonder what it was about Obama that inflamed passions so.

    Michael Tomasky on How the GOP Invented Mitt Romney’s “Moochers”

    Michael Tomasky

    September 20, 2012

  • Historical Examples of hmm

  • Hmm—does our law judge a man without giving him a fair hearing?

    Quiet Talks on Power

    S.D. Gordon

  • Hmm, I’d take your donkey an’ give back considerable to boot.

    Reels and Spindles

    Evelyn Raymond

  • Hmm—he might, although a foreigner, be forced to take a journey to Siberia.

    Prince Zilah, Complete

    Jules Claretie

  • Hmm, it’s not as fragrant as might be; that is, Not before it’s smeared.



  • “Hmm,” Rupert murmured, more interested in his letter than in the conversation.

    Ralestone Luck

    Andre Norton

  • British Dictionary definitions for hmm hmm interjection

    1. a sound made when considering or puzzling over something

    h’m interjection

    1. used to indicate hesitation, doubt, assent, pleasure, etc

    Word Origin and History for hmm

    representative of a sound made during contemplation or showing mild disapproval, attested from 1868, but this is probably a variation of the hum attested in similar senses from 1590s.

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