hockey stick

hockey stick

hockey stick ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the stick used in field hockey or ice hockey.

Origin of hockey stick First recorded in 1840–50 Examples from the Web for hockey stick Historical Examples of hockey stick

  • Whinnied at me, sir, when I asked him to get me a hockey-stick.

    Hildegarde’s Harvest

    Laura E. Richards

  • The shape and dimensions of the hockey-stick are entirely arbitrary, being left to the peculiar taste of the owners.

    Every Boy’s Book: A Complete Encyclopdia of Sports and Amusements


  • He finished dinner early and, with skates and hockey-stick, rode briskly out to the lake.

    Under Boy Scout Colors

    Joseph Bushnell Ames

  • The hockey-stick was still in his grasp, and, with this outstretched, he flung himself flat on the ice and wriggled forward.

    Under Boy Scout Colors

    Joseph Bushnell Ames

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