holocrine [hol-uh-krin, -krahyn, hoh-luh-] Word Origin adjective

  1. (of a gland) releasing a secretion that is a product of disintegrating cells.
  2. (of a secretion) released by such a gland.

Origin of holocrine 1900–05; holo- + -crine Greek krī́nein to separate British Dictionary definitions for holocrine holocrine adjective

  1. (of the secretion of glands) characterized by disintegration of the entire glandular cell in releasing its product, as in sebaceous glandsCompare merocrine, apocrine

Word Origin for holocrine C20: from holo- + Greek krinein to separate, decide holocrine in Medicine holocrine [hŏl′ə-krĭn, -krīn′, -krēn′, hō′lə-] adj.

  1. Of or relating to a gland whose output consists of disintegrated secretory cells along with the secretory product itself.

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