Holstein [hohl-stahyn, -steen; for 2 also German hohl-shtahyn] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. Also called Hol·stein-Frie·sian [hohl-stahyn-free-zhuh n, -steen-] /ˈhoʊl staɪnˈfri ʒən, -stin-/. one of a breed of black-and-white dairy cattle, raised originally in North Holland and Friesland, that yields large quantities of milk having a low content of butterfat.
  2. a region in N Germany, at the base of the peninsula of Jutland: a former duchy.

Compare Schleswig-Holstein. Origin of Holstein First recorded in 1860–65 Examples from the Web for holstein Contemporary Examples of holstein

  • Pour milk from a Holstein cow into one and milk from a Jersey into the other.

    The Secret to This Ice Cream: Pampered Cows

    Jane & Michael Stern

    May 18, 2014

  • Historical Examples of holstein

  • He had heard on Holstein of her having passed there and he retraced his steps.

    Chronicles of Border Warfare

    Alexander Scott Withers

  • In the year 1756 settlements were also made on New river and on Holstein.

    Chronicles of Border Warfare

    Alexander Scott Withers

  • The two Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein were still subjects of dispute.

    Up The Baltic

    Oliver Optic

  • What miseries had Holstein from it, which last to our own day!

    History Of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Volume IV. (of XXI.)

    Thomas Carlyle

  • Experience had taught Mr. and Mrs. Holstein how and what to do.

    Woman’s Work in the Civil War

    Linus Pierpont Brockett

  • British Dictionary definitions for holstein Holstein 1 noun

    1. the usual US and Canadian name for Friesian 1

    Holstein 2 noun

    1. a region of N Germany, in S Schleswig-Holstein: in early times a German duchy of Saxony; became a duchy of Denmark in 1474; finally incorporated into Prussia in 1866

    Word Origin and History for holstein Holstein

    breed of cattle, 1865; so called because originally raised in nearby Friesland. The place name is literally “woodland settlers,” from the roots of German Holz “wood” (see holt) and siedeln “to settle,” altered by influence of Stein “stone.” Since 15c. it has been united with the Duchy of Schleswig.

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