holy water

holy water

holy water ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. water blessed by a priest.

Origin of holy water before 900; Middle English haliwater, Old English hāligwæter Examples from the Web for holy water Historical Examples of holy water

  • Some one has asserted that a Polish woman is like punch made with holy-water.

    Samuel Brohl & Company

    Victor Cherbuliez

  • At the head of the bed, fastened to the wall, hung a receptacle for holy-water.

    The Honor of the Name

    Emile Gaboriau

  • At the head stood a crucifix and the holy-water stoup, with a sprig of fir in it….

    The Forest Farm

    Peter Rosegger

  • There were holy-water stones filled with fresh water every morning.

    Curiosities of Christian History

    Croake James

  • Am I bound to resemble the angels on your holy-water stoups?

    The Revolt of the Angels

    Anatole France

  • British Dictionary definitions for holy water holy water noun

    1. water that has been blessed by a priest for use in symbolic rituals of purification

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