Holyoake [hohl-yohk, hoh-lee-ohk] Examples noun

  1. Sir Keith Jack·a [jak-uh] /ˈdʒæk ə/, 1904–83, New Zealand political leader: prime minister 1957, 1960–72; governor general 1977–80.

Examples from the Web for holyoake Historical Examples of holyoake

  • Mr. Holyoake then advanced to the bar and bowed to the court.

    The History Of The Last Trial By Jury For Atheism In England

    George Jacob Holyoake

  • The authors of these attacks are not acquainted with Mr. Holyoake.

    The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 12 (of 12)

    Robert G. Ingersoll

  • Carlile often wished that Holyoake had been his son, and Holyoake as often wished, too, that he had been.

    The Battle of The Press

    Theophila Carlile Campbell

  • In other words, if he were a militant agnostic—a Huxley or a Holyoake.

    The Churches and Modern Thought

    Philip Vivian

  • “My mind aches as I think of those days,” writes Mr. Holyoake.

    The Truth About Jesus is He a Myth?

    M. M. Mangasarian

  • British Dictionary definitions for holyoake Holyoake noun

    1. Sir Keith Jacka (ˈdʒækə). 1904–83, New Zealand politician; prime minister (1957; 1960–72); governor general (1977–80)

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