homogeny [huh-moj-uh-nee, hoh-] Word Origin noun Biology.

  1. correspondence in form or structure, owing to a common origin.

Origin of homogeny First recorded in 1620–30, homogeny is from the Greek word homogéneia community of origin. See homo-, -geny British Dictionary definitions for homogeny homogeny noun

  1. biology similarity in structure of individuals or parts because of common ancestry

Word Origin for homogeny C19: from Greek homogeneia community of origin, from homogenēs of the same kind Word Origin and History for homogeny n.

1620s, “uniformity of nature;” by 1856 in biological sense, from Greek homogeneia “community of origin,” from homogene “of the same race or kind” (see homogeneous).

homogeny in Medicine homogeny [hə-mŏj′ə-nē, hō-] n.

  1. Similarity of structure between organs or parts, possibly of dissimilar function, that are related by common descent.

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