homolog [hoh-muh-lawg, -log, hom-uh-] noun

  1. homologue.

homologue or ho·mo·log [hoh-muh-lawg, -log, hom-uh-] noun

  1. something homologous.
  2. Chemistry. any member of a homologous series of organic compounds: Ethane is a homologue of the alkane series.

Origin of homologue 1840–50; French Greek homólogon, neuter of homólogos homologous British Dictionary definitions for homolog homologue sometimes US homolog noun

  1. biology a homologous part or organ
  2. chem any homologous compound

homolog in Medicine homologue n.

  1. Something homologous, as an organ or part.

homolog in Science homologue homolog (hŏm′ə-lôg′, hō′mə-)

  1. A homologous organ or part.
  2. A homologous chromosome.
  3. A homologous chemical compound. Compare analog.

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