homolosine projection

homolosine projection

homolosine projection [huh-mol-uh-sin, -sahyn, hoh-] Word Origin noun Cartography.

  1. an equal-area projection of the world, distorting ocean areas in order to minimize the distortion of the continents.

Origin of homolosine projection First recorded in 1920–25; homolo(graphic) + sine British Dictionary definitions for homolosine projection homolosine projection noun

  1. a map projection of the world on which the oceans are distorted to allow for greater accuracy in representing the continents, combining the sinusoidal and equal-area projections

Word Origin for homolosine projection C20: from homolographic + sine 1 homolosine projection in Science homolosine projection [hə-mŏl′ə-sīn′]

  1. A map projection with interruptions in the oceans, designed so that the continents appear with their proper size with respect to each other. A homolosine projection map presents the entire world in one view, with the landmasses uninterrupted except for Antarctica and Greenland. Distance and direction are not accurate for all areas of the map. Compare conic projection Mercator projection sinusoidal projection.

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