homoscedastic [hoh-muh-si-das-tik, hom-uh-] Word Origin adjective Statistics.

  1. having the same variance.

Origin of homoscedastic 1900–05; homo- + Greek skedastikós able to disperse, equivalent to skedast(ós) dispersable (verbid of skedannýnai to scatter, disperse) + -ikos -ic British Dictionary definitions for homoscedastic homoscedastic adjective statistics

  1. (of several distributions) having equal variance
  2. (of a bivariate or multivariate distribution) having one variable whose variance is the same for all values of the other or others
  3. (of a random variable) having this property

Compare heteroscedastic Derived Formshomoscedasticity (ˌhəʊməʊskɪdæsˈtɪsɪtɪ), nounWord Origin for homoscedastic C20: from homo- + scedastic, from Greek skedasis a scattering, dispersal

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