homosporous [huh-mos-per-uh s, hoh-, hoh-muh-spawr-uh s, -spohr-] Word Origin adjective Botany.

  1. having the spores of one kind only.

Origin of homosporous First recorded in 1885–90; homo- + spore + -ous British Dictionary definitions for homosporous homosporous adjective

  1. (of most ferns and some other spore-bearing plants) producing spores of one kind only, which develop into hermaphrodite gametophytesCompare heterosporous

Derived Formshomospory (həʊˈmɒspərɪ), noun homosporous in Science homosporous [hō′mə-spôr′əs, hŏm′ə-, hō-mŏs′pər-əs]

  1. Producing spores of one kind only that are not differentiated by sex. The spores of homosporous plants, such as horsetails and most ferns, grow into bisexual gametophytes (producing both male and female gametes). Compare heterosporous.

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