honcho [hon-choh]Slang. Word Origin noun, plural hon·chos.

  1. a leader, especially an assertive leader; chief.

verb (used with object)

  1. to organize, supervise, or be the leader of: She volunteered to honcho the new project.

Origin of honcho 1945–50; Japanese hanchō squad or group leader, equivalent to han squad (Middle Chinese, equivalent to Chinese bān) + -chō eldest, chief (Middle Chinese, equivalent to Chinese zhǎng) British Dictionary definitions for honchoed honcho noun plural -chos

  1. the person in charge; the boss


  1. to supervise or be in charge of

Word Origin for honcho C20: from Japanese han’chō group leader Word Origin and History for honchoed honcho n.

1947, American English, “officer in charge,” from Japanese hancho “group leader,” from han “corps, squad” + cho “head, chief.” Picked up by U.S. servicemen in Japan and Korea, 1947-1953.

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