honorarium [on-uh-rair-ee-uh m] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural hon·o·rar·i·ums, hon·o·rar·i·a [on-uh-rair-ee-uh] /ˌɒn əˈrɛər i ə/.

  1. a payment in recognition of acts or professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set: The mayor was given a modest honorarium for delivering a speech to our club.
  2. a fee for services rendered by a professional person.

Origin of honorarium 1650–60; Latin honōrārium fee paid on taking office, noun use of neuter of honōrārius honorary Related Words for honoraria pay, gratuity, tip, compensation, reward, payment Examples from the Web for honoraria Contemporary Examples of honoraria

  • An invoice for $100,000 from March 1999 is described as, “Honoraria—Dr. Drew Pinsky/1st Installment.”

    Feds Allege Glaxo Paid Dr. Drew $275,000 to Tout Antidepressant

    Aram Roston

    July 3, 2012

  • British Dictionary definitions for honoraria honorarium noun plural -iums or -ia (-ɪə)

    1. a fee paid for a nominally free service

    Word Origin for honorarium C17: from Latin: something presented on being admitted to a post of honour Word Origin and History for honoraria n.

    Latin plural of honorarium.

    honorarium n.

    “honorary reward,” 1650s, from Latin honorarium (donum), literally “honorary (gift),” but in Latin meaning “bribe paid to get appointed to an honorary post,” neuter of adjective honorarius “for the sake of honor,” from honos (see honor (n.)).

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