hoo pronoun

  1. West Yorkshire and Lancashire dialect she

Word Origin for hoo from Old English heo Examples from the Web for hoo Contemporary Examples of hoo

  • Moore plays a gynecologist (hoo boy) with an academic husband (Liam Neeson) who is obviously cheating on her.

    The Campiest Movie of the Year

    Choire Sicha

    March 28, 2010

  • Historical Examples of hoo

  • I’m layin doon no prenciple; I’m sayin only hoo it affecs me.

    Heather and Snow

    George MacDonald

  • Weel, maybe I was thinkin’ hoo I wad leuk at her gin onything did ail her.

    David Elginbrod

    George MacDonald

  • Again the dove that had once been a boy tried to call, but he only said, “Hoo, hoo!”

    The Book of Nature Myths

    Florence Holbrook

  • He tried to call to his mother, but the only sound he could make was “Hoo, hoo!”

    The Book of Nature Myths

    Florence Holbrook

  • Weel, hoo the deil do ye ken whether this be the road or no?

    The Jest Book

    Mark Lemon

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