hoodoo [hoo-doo] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural hoo·doos.

  1. voodoo.
  2. bad luck.
  3. a person or thing that brings bad luck.
  4. Geology. a pillar of rock, usually of fantastic shape, left by erosion.

verb (used with object), hoo·dooed, hoo·doo·ing.

  1. to bring or cause bad luck to.

Origin of hoodoo 1870–75, Americanism; apparently var of voodoo Related Words for hoodooing bedevil, bewitch, hex, curse, damn, charm, enchant, condemn Examples from the Web for hoodooing Historical Examples of hoodooing

  • I won’t be any longer than I can help, and don’t you go to hoodooing me, now, while I’m upstairs.


    Clara Louise Burnham

  • Tehei says that’s the reason that we don’t get fair windthe shark is hoodooing us.

    Through the South Seas with Jack London

    Martin Johnson

  • British Dictionary definitions for hoodooing hoodoo noun plural -doos

    1. a variant of voodoo
    2. informal a person or thing that brings bad luck
    3. informal bad luck
    4. (in the western US and Canada) a strangely shaped column of rock

    verb -doos, -dooing or -dooed

    1. (tr) informal to bring bad luck to

    Derived Formshoodooism, nounWord Origin for hoodoo C19: variant of voodoo Word Origin and History for hoodooing hoodoo n.

    “one who practices voodoo,” 1870, American English, probably an alteration of voodoo. Meaning “something that causes or brings bad luck” is attested from 1880.

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