Hooke [hoo k] Examples noun

  1. Robert,1635–1703, English philosopher, microscopist, and physicist.

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  • An hooke to pull boughs to you is necessary, breake no boughes.

    A New Orchard And Garden

    William Lawson

  • Hooke had noticed, in 1664, that the star Gamma Arietis was double.

    The Story of the Heavens

    Robert Stawell Ball

  • Another had halfe a moneths minde to Ouid and his hooke nose.

    The Unfortunate Traveller, or The Life Of Jack Wilton

    Thomas Nash

  • Hooke asserted that he had a solution, but he would not produce it.

    Pioneers of Science

    Oliver Lodge

  • No sooner was the Principia put than Hooke put in his claims for priority.

    Pioneers of Science

    Oliver Lodge

  • British Dictionary definitions for hooke Hooke noun

    1. Robert. 1635–1703, English physicist, chemist, and inventor. He formulated Hooke’s law (1678), built the first Gregorian telescope, and invented a balance spring for watches

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    1. English physicist, inventor, and mathematician who contributed to many aspects of science. With Robert Boyle he demonstrated that both combustion and respiration require air and that sound does not travel in a vacuum. Hooke studied plants and other objects under microscopes and was the first to use the word cell to describe the patterns he observed. He also identified fossils as a record of changes among organisms on the planet throughout history.

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