in specie


  1. coined money; coin.
  1. in specie,
    1. in the same kind.
    2. (of money) in coin.
    3. in a similar manner; in kind: Such treachery should be repaid in specie.
    4. the identical shape, form, etc., as specified.


  1. coin money, as distinguished from bullion or paper money
  2. in specie
    1. (of money) in coin
    2. in kind
    3. lawin the actual form specified

1610s, “coin, money in the form of coins” (as opposed to paper money or bullion), from phrase in specie “in the real or actual form” (1550s), from Latin in specie “in kind,” ablative of species “kind, form, sort” (see species).


In coin, as in The balance was to be paid only in specie. [First half of 1600s]


In a similar manner, in kind, as in They repaid the offense in specie. [Mid-1500s] Both usages are derived from the Latin in specie, meaning “in the actual form.”

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