in the making


  1. the act of a person or thing that makes: The making of a violin requires great skill.
  2. structure; constitution; makeup.
  3. the means or cause of success or advancement: to be the making of someone.
  4. Usually makings. capacity or potential: He has the makings of a first-rate officer.
  5. makings,
    1. material of which something may be made: the makings for a tossed salad.
    2. Older Slang.paper and tobacco with which to make a hand-rolled cigarette.
  6. something made.
  7. the quantity made: a making of butter.
  1. in the making, in the process of being made; developing or evolving; growing: Our space scientists see history in the making.


    1. the act of a person or thing that makes or the process of being made
    2. (in combination)watchmaking
  1. be the making of to cause the success of
  2. in the making in the process of becoming or being madea politician in the making
  3. something made or the quantity of something made at one time
  4. make-up; composition

In the process of developing or growing, being made, as in The editor believed this election signified history in the making. This term is frequently used to describe the course of events, as in the example. [Mid-1600s]

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