1. beginning; initial.
  2. Grammar. (of a derived verb, or of an aspect in verb inflection) expressing the beginning of the action indicated by the underlying verb, as Latin verbs in -scō, which generally have inceptive force, as calēscō “become or begin to be hot” from caleō “be hot.”

noun Grammar.

  1. the inceptive aspect.
  2. a verb in this aspect.


  1. beginning; incipient; initial
  2. Also called: inchoative grammar denoting an aspect of verbs in some languages used to indicate the beginning of an action


  1. grammar
    1. the inceptive aspect of verbs
    2. a verb in this aspect

1650s, from French inceptif (16c.), from Latin incept-, past participle stem of incipere “to begin” (see inception).

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