noun Electricity.

  1. that property of a circuit by which a change in current induces, by electromagnetic induction, an electromotive force. Symbol: LCompare inductive coupling, mutual inductance, self-inductance.
  2. inductor(def 1).


  1. Also called: induction the property of an electric circuit as a result of which an electromotive force is created by a change of current in the same circuit (self-inductance) or in a neighbouring circuit (mutual inductance). It is usually measured in henriesSymbol: L See also self-inductance, mutual inductance
  2. another name for inductor

1886, from induct + -ance.

  1. A measure of the reaction of electrical components (especially coils) to changes in current flow by creating a magnetic field and inducing a voltage. Its unit is the henry.

A process whereby the effect of induction is used to alter the current (see also current) in an electrical circuit.

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