1. the act or process of infusing.
  2. something that is infused.
  3. a liquid extract, as tea, prepared by steeping or soaking.
  4. Pharmacology.
    1. the steeping or soaking of a crude drug in water.
    2. the liquid so prepared.
  5. Medicine/Medical.
    1. the introduction of a saline or other solution into a vein.
    2. the solution used.


  1. the act of infusing
  2. something infused
  3. an extract obtained by soaking
  4. med introduction of a liquid, such as a saline solution, into a vein or the subcutaneous tissues of the body

c.1400, from Old French infusion (13c.) or directly from Latin infusionem (nominative infusio), noun of action from past participle stem of infundere (see infuse).


  1. The process of steeping a substance in water to extract its soluble principles.
  2. A medicinal preparation from such a process.
  3. Introduction of a solution into the body through a vein for therapeutic purposes.
  4. The solution introduced in such a manner.

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