1. Baseball. a division of a game during which each team has an opportunity to score until three outs have been made against it.
  2. a similar opportunity to score in certain other games, as horseshoes.
  3. an opportunity for activity; a turn: Now the opposition will have its inning.
  4. innings, (used with a singular verb)
    1. Cricket.a unit of play in which each team has a turn at bat, the turn of a team ending after ten players are put out or when the team declares.
    2. land reclaimed, especially from the sea.
  5. the act of reclaiming marshy or flooded land.
  6. enclosure, as of wasteland.
  7. the gathering in of crops.


  1. (functioning as singular) cricket
    1. the batting turn of a player or team
    2. the runs scored during such a turn
  2. (sometimes singular) a period of opportunity or action
  3. (functioning as plural) land reclaimed from the sea


  1. baseball a division of the game consisting of a turn at bat and a turn in the field for each side
  2. archaic the reclamation of land from the sea

Old English innung “a taking in, a putting in,” gerundive of innian “get within, put or bring in,” from inn (adv.) “in” (see in). Meaning “a team’s turn in a game” first recorded 1735, usually plural in cricket, singular in baseball.

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