intendment [in-tend-muh nt] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for intendment on noun

  1. Law. the true or correct meaning of something.
  2. intention; design; purpose.

Origin of intendment 1350–1400; intend + -ment; replacing Middle English entendement Middle French Medieval Latin intendimentum Related Words for intendment theme, sense, function, desire, direction, goal, determination, wish, aspiration, view, idea, project, reason, intent, principle, ambition, objective, scope, scheme, target Examples from the Web for intendment Historical Examples of intendment

  • Thus far in our history, under the malignant influence of Slavery, the odious construction or intendment has prevailed.

    Charles Sumner; His Complete Works, Volume X (of 20)

    Charles Sumner

  • The wisdom and providence of the king must not be disputed by the subject; by intendment they cannot be severed from his person.

    Atrocious Judges

    John Campbell, Baron Campbell

  • While in some doubt as to the legal sufficiency of this instrument, McAllister felt that its intendment was unmistakable.

    McAllister and His Double

    Arthur Train

  • According to the reason of the rule, the great appropriation bills must be equally within its intendment.

    Charles Sumner; his complete works, volume 5 (of 20)

    Charles Sumner

  • British Dictionary definitions for intendment intendment noun

    1. the meaning of something as fixed or understood by the law
    2. obsolete intention, design, or purpose

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