interrelation [in-ter-ri-ley-shuh n] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for interrelation on noun

  1. reciprocal relation.

Origin of interrelation First recorded in 1840–50; inter- + relation Related formsin·ter·re·la·tion·ship, noun Related Words for inter-relationship empathy, sympathy, affinity, harmony, compatibility, togetherness, affair, marriage, exchange, communication, accord, rapport, liaison, contact, link, tie, relation, obligation, relationship, connection Examples from the Web for inter-relationship Historical Examples of inter-relationship

  • Moreover the right study of a trade or profession induces a perception of the inter-relationship of all human activity.

    Cambridge Essays on Education


  • For through sex the sense of individual, and subsequently personal, inter-relationship comes into being.

    Beauty and the Beast

    Stewart A. McDowall

  • We are now ready to consider in detail this inter-relationship of society, and to examine the natural laws which govern it.

    Monopolies and the People

    Charles Whiting Baker

  • Word Origin and History for inter-relationship interrelation n.

    1848, from inter- + relation.

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