isotonic [ahy-suh-ton-ik] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. Also isosmotic. Physical Chemistry. noting or pertaining to solutions characterized by equal osmotic pressure.Compare hypertonic(def 2), hypotonic(def 2).
  2. Physiology.
    1. noting or pertaining to a solution containing the same salt concentration as mammalian blood.
    2. noting or pertaining to a muscular contraction in which constant tension continues while the length of the muscle decreases, as during mechanical work.
  3. Music. of or characterized by equal tones.

Origin of isotonic 1820–30; Greek isóton(os) having equal accent or tone (see iso-, tone) + -ic Related formsi·so·to·nic·i·ty [ahy-suh-tuh-nis-i-tee] /ˌaɪ sə təˈnɪs ɪ ti/, noun Examples from the Web for isotonic Historical Examples of isotonic

  • All nose lotions should be alkaline, and isotonic with the blood plasma.

    A System of Operative Surgery, Volume IV (of 4)


  • Normal saline solution is isotonic with the body cells and hence is employed as the vehicle.

    The Fundamentals of Bacteriology

    Charles Bradfield Morrey

  • It may be objected that segmentation is also produced by a solution which is isotonic with sea water.

    The Mechanism of Life

    Stphane Leduc

  • Take, for instance, two isotonic solutions, one of salt and another of sugar.

    The Mechanism of Life

    Stphane Leduc

  • British Dictionary definitions for isotonic isotonic adjective

    1. physiol (of two or more muscles) having equal tension
    2. (of a drink) designed to replace the fluid and salts lost from the body during strenuous exercise
    3. Also: isosmotic (of two solutions) having the same osmotic pressure, commonly having physiological osmotic pressureCompare hypertonic, hypotonic
    4. music of, relating to, or characterized by the equal intervals of the well-tempered scaleisotonic tuning

    Derived Formsisotonicity (ˌaɪsəʊtəʊˈnɪsɪtɪ), noun Word Origin and History for isotonic adj.

    1828, from Greek isotonos “of level pitch; equally stretched,” from iso- (see iso-) + tonos (see tenet).

    isotonic in Medicine isotonic [ī′sə-tŏn′ĭk] adj.

    1. Of equal tension.
    2. Isosmotic.
    3. Having the same concentration of solutes as the blood.
    4. Of or involving muscular contraction in which the muscle remains under relatively constant tension while its length changes.

    Related formsi′so•to•nic′i•ty (-tə-nĭs′ĭ-tē) n.

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