itself [it-self] ExamplesWord Origin pronoun

  1. a reflexive form of it1: The battery recharges itself.
  2. an emphatic appositive of it1, which, that, this, or a noun: which itself is also true; Even without flowers, the bowl itself is beautiful.
  3. (used as the object of a preposition or as the direct or indirect object of a verb): The chameleon’s ability to change color is a protection for itself.
  4. its normal or customary self: After much tender care, the puppy was soon itself again.

Origin of itself before 1000; Middle English; Old English hit self. See it1, self Usage note See myself. Examples from the Web for itself Contemporary Examples of itself

  • “Gronkowski” itself never manages to sound more erotic than the name of a hearty Polish stew or a D-list WWE performer.

    ‘A Gronking to Remember’ Speed Read: 8 Naughtiest Bits

    Emily Shire

    January 7, 2015

  • Finding the shop is a trip in itself and an introduction to a slice of history.

    The Photographer Who Gave Up Manhattan for Marrakech

    Liza Foreman

    January 6, 2015

  • This initiative had the support of all 22 members of the Arab League, which in and of itself is remarkable.

    In the Middle East, the Two-State Solution Is Dead

    Dean Obeidallah

    January 2, 2015

  • Google itself has taken a break and put plans for mass production on hold.

    You Were Wrong About Miley & Bitcoin: 2014’s Failed Predictions

    Nina Strochlic

    December 31, 2014

  • In the city of Mosul itself it seems as though ISIS is at a loss.

    Has the Kurdish Victory at Sinjar Turned the Tide of ISIS War?


    December 27, 2014

  • Historical Examples of itself

  • The fable is fanciful and pleasing in itself; but will it not hereafter be believed as reality?


    Lydia Maria Child

  • There was no such thing then as a citizen of the United States of and by itself.

    ‘Tis Sixty Years Since

    Charles Francis Adams

  • Every family lived and hunted and worked and died for and by itself.

    Ancient Man

    Hendrik Willem van Loon

  • It speaks for itself and will be of increasing influence as the years go by.

    United States Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches


  • Everywhere we see the seeds of the same growth that America itself has known.

    United States Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches


  • British Dictionary definitions for itself itself pronoun

      1. the reflexive form of it 1
      2. (intensifier)even the money itself won’t convince me
    1. (preceded by a copula) its normal or usual selfmy cat isn’t itself today

    Word Origin and History for itself pron.

    late 14c., from Old English hit sylf, from it + self. Since 17c. usually regarded as its self (cf. its own self).

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